Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

We allow users to contribute different forms of content to our various sites and in some cases create user pages/profiles. However, when contributing content you have to make sure it is relevant and appropriate to the page it is posted on. For example, you cannot post a question in the reviews section. Goodies Catcher was created to help consumers so please keep that in mind when adding material.

While we appreciate and encourage lively, passionate, and informative discussion as well as the sharing of ideas and opinions, users must recognize that a certain degree of responsibility comes with the ability to post freely on our pages and forums. To help provide a clear sense of what is and is not allowed from site participants, we have created a set of general content guidelines as well as specific guidelines for the different types of content.

What is allowed:

• Thoughtful questions.
• Helpful answers.
• Informative, honest reviews.
• Fact-driven, relevant content.
• Constructive criticism.
• Appropriate photos and videos that adhere to these Content Guidelines, our Terms, and our Privacy Policy.
• Private dispute resolution between individual users.

What is not allowed:
• Inappropriate content: threats, harassment, profanity, spiteful remarks, lewdness, pornography, hate speech, bigotry, and anything that may reasonably be construed as “spam.”
• Any kind of promotional content (unless you post it on your own profile page)
• Advertisements.
• URLs that are posted with the intention to promote a company, product, service, or website as well as self-promotional URLs.
• Publication of other people’s private information (e.g. non-work-related phone numbers and postal addresses, account numbers, etc.).
• Publication of Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and federal tax identification numbers.
• Plagiarism or intellectual property infringements as well as excessive quoting from other reviews, activity posts, etc. Please write your own content and use your own photos.
• Poorly written posts that are very hard for most people to understand.
• Engaging in smear campaigns or intentional, arbitrary attacks on others and their reputations.
• Promoting illegal or immoral activities, including gaming a company’s products or services.
• Duplicate content or repeatedly making the same point.
• Off-topic content. For example, feedback about spelling errors or general questions related to Goodies Catcher. Instead, you can contact us by using our contact form.
• Violations of our Terms of Service.
• Violations of our Privacy Policy.

Review Guidelines

The following guidelines are in addition to the general guidelines.

When reviewing a company, professional or product, it is important to be both fair and honest and to give information that is central to the consumer experience. Please provide a helpful, fact-driven account of why you would or would not recommend the subject of your review so that other users can learn from what you have to share.

Advice on writing a good review:

• Be personal and passionate when writing a review. Tell a story rich in detail and try to include some advice for other consumers. For example, comparisons of relevant companies and products can be very useful.
• Write about a firsthand experience you had rather than a story another person told you. Try not to resort to broad generalizations and/or statements with no supporting evidence.
• Please make sure that what you have written is factually correct. We want you to give us your opinion but without exaggerating or not telling the whole story. In case there is disagreement about facts between you and another company or user, you have to be able to support your review because we do not interfere or take sides.
• You should write what you sincerely believe about a company, product, or service, whether you have a positive or negative opinion about it. Negative reviews are not removed when they are written in a civil manner.
• If you have a new experience with a business or product you have written about in the past, you can update your review. You shouldn’t submit multiple reviews or comments where you repeat what you have already told us.

What is not allowed:

• Reviewing businesses for which you work or are otherwise directly affiliated with.
• Reviews by or on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in a directly competing product.
• Using a review to attack a business’s employment practices, political or religious ideology, or other matters that do not necessarily impact services rendered.
• Exaggerating or misrepresenting the experiences you have had.
• Reviews that contain HTML tags.
• Excessive use of slang, capital letters, and typographic symbols.
• Links that direct to pages that even though are not promotional in nature, are also not related to the product or company being reviewed.
• Reviews irrelevant to the product or company being reviewed.
• Reviews in a foreign language (unless the product or service provider also uses the same foreign language for marketing purposes). For example, a review in Spanish for an insurance broker that advertises in Spanish is acceptable but not acceptable if the insurance broker does not advertise his/her services in Spanish.

Finally, remember to update your reviews over time so others can benefit from the most relevant advice possible.

The reviews posted on Goodies Catcher are highly subjective opinions of individuals. The views expressed in reviews are those of Goodies Catcher members and not of Goodies Catcher. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers and we are not affiliated with any establishment or professional listed or reviewed on this web site.

Profile Guidelines

Individuals: Your profile is yours and you should use it as such. Personalize your page and enrich the community, but do so in a way supported by Goodies Catcher’s content guidelines, Terms of Use, and site interfaces.

Businesses/Professionals: Your profile is an advertisement, a reflection of you and your business, so be responsible for what you post and honest about the products and/or services you are able to provide. Feel free to post information about products, offers, and specials and to use your unique expertise to enrich the online community. Do not, however, bully or ostracize individual users as a result of a bad review, provide intentionally false or misleading information or advice, engage in the link or keyword loading, write reviews about your own products and services, or directly solicit clients as part of an answer, guide, or review. What’s more, Goodies Catcher’s sites are not a forum for criticizing one’s competitors, so please refrain from writing reviews about or attacking the competition.

Discussion/Communication Guidelines

Goodies Catcher was built upon the free and open exchange of information, and we strive to provide you with all of the resources you need to improve your personal finances. The comments, reviews, questions, and answers that you post are integral to this effort. However, in order to foster the best possible interaction amongst users and between users and Goodies Catcher, a certain code of conduct must be adhered to. So be polite, honest, forthcoming, helpful, and courteous to other community members, and if a dispute does arise, try as best you can to resolve it privately and in a civil manner. If you reach an impasse, feel free to contact Goodies Catcher and we will try to mediate.

Adherence to Content Guidelines
While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove posts that do not respect these Content Guidelines or the Terms of Use or that detract significantly from our users’ experience on the Site. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may also result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges.